2’s School Learning Objectives

Just last week I posted about my decision to start a 2's school program with our youngest.  I can't tell you how excited I am to get the ball rolling!  She isn't 2 yet, so I have some time to think through what I want 2's school to look like.  What types of things will … Continue reading 2’s School Learning Objectives

Why I Decided to Start 2’s School

Agh!  My baby is turning 2 soon!  I can hardly believe it, 2!  Shock is the last thing I should be feeling right now, she is our 4th child after all.  I should be use to how quickly they grow up, right?  Nope, these milestones sneak up on me, 4th child or 1st, it all … Continue reading Why I Decided to Start 2’s School

DIY Valentine’s Day Bookmarks

In a house of readers, bookmarks always seem to be in short supply and high demand.  In a pinch, I have used everything from a napkin to a gum wrapper to mark my page.  My most recent markers being, a love note from my oldest and a Christmas card. As a young reader I had … Continue reading DIY Valentine’s Day Bookmarks

Valentine’s Sensory Bin

I know it's time to switch up my daughter's sensory bin when I notice that it's been sitting untouched.  Her last sensory bin, Jingle Bells and Snowballs, was a huge success.  However, all good things must come to an end.  Enter: Valentine's Sensory Bin.  I realize that it's not quite Valentine's Day yet, but it is … Continue reading Valentine’s Sensory Bin

Cold Brew Coffee at Home

Cold brew coffee is one of my newest favorite things.  Some might say that I'm obsessed, and I'm 100% ok with that label.  I'm actually a little angry with myself that it took me so long to try it out, it has taken my coffee game to an entirely different level.  If you haven't taken … Continue reading Cold Brew Coffee at Home

New Years Eve Party with Kids

10, 9, get the champagne ready, 8, 7, am I near the person I want to ring the new year in with?, 6, 5, this champagne really does go to your head, 4, 3, oh wait, snap back to reality...we have kids now.  No crazy New Years parties for us anymore! The first few years … Continue reading New Years Eve Party with Kids

Balloon Pop Activity

Do you remember playing 'What Time is it Mr. Fox?' in school as a kid?  This activity reminds me of that game, only because once we start I hear, 'What time is it now mom?,' on repeat until all the balloons are popped.  I'm not complaining, I'm delighted when they enjoy an activity I spent … Continue reading Balloon Pop Activity

‘Buttermilk’ Ranch Baked Chicken Tenders

I know we have a new dinner favorite when my picky eater kids are asking when I will be making this {insert whatever they're eating} again while devouring their food.  Although not pleasant to look at while I'm eating, they get a free pass from talking with their mouths full when they are complimenting dinner.  … Continue reading ‘Buttermilk’ Ranch Baked Chicken Tenders

Organizing Christmas: Making my list and checking it twice!

O.K., I'll admit it, I was starting to feel a little (truth: A LOT!) stressed yesterday with my to-do lists increasing in size by the minute.  I had more than one of those 'walk into a room and completely forget why I went into that room' moments.  Now, I know I'm not a spring chicken … Continue reading Organizing Christmas: Making my list and checking it twice!

Christmas Eve Box Tradition

Our Christmas Eve Box tradition is one that has evolved with time.  It didn't use to be a box.  I know what you're thinking, another gift?  Is that really necessary?  Do they really need something else to unwrap?  The answer at our house is yes, and here's why. It's tradition, and traditions are important.  They … Continue reading Christmas Eve Box Tradition