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As I’m sure you’ve figured out by now, we LOVE crafting at our house.  Everyone get involved with most crafts we make from my youngest to my oldest.  The final products looks do tend to look slightly different when you compare my almost 2 year olds final result and my 8 year olds, but hey, we have fun!

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First thing you’re going to want to do is round up your supplies: brown construction paper (2-3 sheets), green/red/yellow/orange construction paper, googly eyes, red marker, stapler, glue, ruler, and scissors.  Nothing kills the craft project momentum when the kids have to patiently (gasp!) wait for me to find one (or three or four) last items.  Now you can get to work, yay!

Print out, trace, and cut out (or free hand your own!) some turkey heads on brown paper.  My goal was to make them look like bowling ball pins.  Mission accomplished?  I did scan my drawing for you to use if you wish: Turkey Hat Heads.  Print it out onto brown paper, or use regular printer paper and cut it out and then trace onto brown.

Next make some triangular yellow beaks out of the yellow paper.  Grab two googly eyes and line them up on your turkey cut out.  Glue down those bad boys down and add a red wattle with your marker to finish the face off.  Looking good!

Next, have your child pick their construction paper color of choice (we went with red, yellow, orange, and yellow) to trace their hands on for the feathers.  We used two hand shapes on each hat.  Trace their hands and have them cut them out while you make the headbands.

For this step I used brown again and divided the paper up the longest way I could to make long strips.  Cut these out, you’ll need two for each child.

You can measure these if you like, I just used the width of my ruler as my guide which was slightly larger than an inch.

Now we’re down to assembly.  First I lined up a finished turkey face, set two of the hat stripes on top (slightly overlapping), and added two staples.

Next grab two cut out hand shapes and measure the hat on your child.  Once you have a good idea of how tight the hat will need to be position your the hand shapes onto the back where the two brown stripes come together and staple the four pieces of paper together.

There you have it, a turkey hat!  Your kids will have a blast running around on Thanksgiving gobbling at people.  Gobble, gobble!

Here is our supply list and instruction list for this project:

Brown construction paper

Googly eyes (or if you don’t have them draw on the eyes with a marker or cut them out of construction paper)

Yellow construction paper for the beak

A different color construction paper for the feathers

Red marker





Turkey drawn out on brown paper.  If you don’t feel like free this, I’ve also provided my template Turkey Hat Heads to print it out onto brown paper or print onto white paper, cut out and trace onto brown.

  1. Print out the Turkey Hat Heads on brown construction paper, trace it, or draw a turkey body on brown paper. Have your child cut it out, if they are able to use scissors.
  2. Cut out triangle shaped beaks and glue them onto your turkey head.
  3. Add googly eyes with glue.
  4. Using a red marker or crayon add the wattle. Tada, turkey head done!
  5. Next, have your child trace their hand twice on colored paper and have them cut them out. Again, adults may need to help with this step.
  6. Grab another piece of brown construction paper and divide it into approximately 1 inch strips that run the longest way across the paper, making the longest bands possible. I didn’t measure this step, I just used my ruler to set the height of the strips so mine are about 1 ¼ inch.  If possible have you kids help you cut these bad boys out.
  7. Grab your turkey head and two of your brown strips. Slightly overlap the brown strips and set your turkey on top of the seam.  Use your stapler to attach the three pieces of paper together.
  8. Finally, roughly measure the hat on your childs head to determine where to staple the strips together in the back making sure they overlap slightly. Before adding the staple grab the handprints that you cut out and layer them over the seam on the back of the hat so that the hands/feathers are on the out side.

That’s it, done!  Of course there is always room to make it your own.  Add any sort of embellishments that the kids want, craft feathers, festive ribbon, drawings, or stamps for example.

I’d love to hear how your projects turned out and see your adorable turkeys proudly sporting their new turkey hats.  Its so fun for me to see what other ideas you all have, our kids are so creative.  Am I right?

Gobble, gobble!

Have fun crafting!


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