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This was a fun fall project that my 8 year old has been asking to do.  The 6 year old twin boys even got in on the action.  Of course the baby wanted one too after she saw the big kids having fun, so we made her one to wear around the house as well.  She doesn’t quite have the attention span for stuff like this, or the fine motor skills.  She will soon though, I’ll go over here and blink a few times and then I’m sure she’ll be doing this task on her own.  They grow so fast!

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Pasta necklaces, I know what you’re thinking.  I’m so stoked to wear this!  I guarantee that you made at least one of these bad boys in your youth and proudly gave it to someone to wear as a gift.  You totally did, now it’s your turn to dress up your carefully selected outfit (for now food smear, and bugger free), with an adorable pasta necklace.  It won’t be the last necklace your kids make, trust me, this craft never ages.  If you’re lucky enough to have your picture taken in your necklace you will look back at that photo 10 year from now and you won’t see that perfect outfit, your hair out of place, or anything else in the photo.  You’ll see the necklace, and think fondly about the moment your child proudly gave it to you.  I know, tear.  Have them make the necklace already!

For this timeless project we used pasta that I dyed with soft gel paste for a Thanksgiving sensory bin, orange yarn, scissors, and pony beads.  Simple, fun, and done.

Here are the details:

Supplies: orange yarn, colored pasta, pony beads, scissors

  1. Measure and cut your yarn so that once you tie the ends together it will still fit over your child’s head. We made the mistake of not checking this once, I had one very unhappy kid!  Avoid the tears shed at my house by taking the extra couple seconds to do this task.  I measured our yarn to be about 32 inches for my 8 year olds necklace.  I was able to slip it over my head as well.  You can always cut some yarn off the ends or tie it shorter if it’s too long, you can’t add more.
  2. String the pasta and/or pony bead on the yarn.
  3. Tie when you are happy with your project.

Our finished product:



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