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Our Christmas Eve Box tradition is one that has evolved with time.  It didn’t use to be a box.  I know what you’re thinking, another gift?  Is that really necessary?  Do they really need something else to unwrap?  The answer at our house is yes, and here’s why.

It’s tradition, and traditions are important.  They allow families to bond, and share a deeper connection.  They give us something to not only look forward to, but to reflect fondly on later in life.  They are often the root of some of our favorite families stories, and allow is to build a link across generations.

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This tradition isn’t actually driven by our children, nor did it originate with them.  When my husband and I were first dating we started exchanging a gift on Christmas Eve with each other.  Why?  Well, because we were just too excited to wait until Christmas Day.  Also, we both we allowed one gift to open growing up as part of our family traditions, and we missed doing it.  Eventually this transitioned into my husband and I exchanging stockings with each other on Christmas Eve instead of a gift from under the tree, and keeping the rest of the gifts for Christmas Day.  In fact, one year I found an engagement ring at the bottom of my Christmas Eve stocking.  Boy did that make for a memorable Christmas Eve, and a great story!

Once we had children we were the ones to suggest to our oldest daughter that she might like to open one of her gifts on Christmas Eve.  At first we would have it be a small toy or a book.  At some point along the way I decided that new washed pajamas would be a great idea so that the kiddos would look all cute in Christmas morning pictures.  Whatever it was that we let them open it was always one of the gifts we were already planning to give them, just opened a day early.

A few years ago our Christmas Eve family celebrations changed and left us home to celebrate the day with just our immediate family of 6.  Translation, we now have a house full of 4 kids grade school age and younger who are hyped up on Santa and ridiculous amounts of sugar on Christmas Eve.  This is where the idea for the Christmas Eve box was born.  Inside the box the kids will find matching pajamas and things to do together.

Here is what this year’s box looks like:

Christmas Eve Box Tradition - why we do it and what to include

Here is a list of the contents:

Matching Rudolph pajamas from Target

Shutterfly puzzle with Family Pictures from throughout the year

Christmas Photo Booth Props

Quick Cups

Home Alone 2

Our kids love this tradition and so do we.  I love that they are getting a box full of activities to do together vs something for them to individually to play with.  Here’s to another great year of memories!

What are your favorite family traditions?  Do you do a Christmas Eve box too?  I’d love to hear from you!

x – Nicole

4 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Box Tradition

  1. We do this too! The kids get Christmas jammies and a few small toys (this year mini hatchimals- lord help me ha). I love the tradition and think it will continue until my kiddos beg me to stop!!

  2. This is the cutest idea!! We always did new pjs on christmas eve too but i love this idea!! So excited to start traditions with my little one this year!

  3. When I was little, my mom and dad always let me open one present on Christmas Eve. Same with my husband. So, now we let our girls open one present each on Christmas Eve. I love the idea of turning the tradition into something the whole family can enjoy together. I might have to come up with something really quick for this Christmas Eve!

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