Valentine’s Sensory Bin

I know it's time to switch up my daughter's sensory bin when I notice that it's been sitting untouched.  Her last sensory bin, Jingle Bells and Snowballs, was a huge success.  However, all good things must come to an end.  Enter: Valentine's Sensory Bin.  I realize that it's not quite Valentine's Day yet, but it is … Continue reading Valentine’s Sensory Bin

Jingle Bells and Snowballs: Winter Sensory Bin

Burr, it's getting cold outside here in Minnesota!  I'm missing the days that we could pop up to the park for an hour to get out some energy, or simply run around in the backyard for some fresh air.  While we still get out there for little bits of time here and there, there have … Continue reading Jingle Bells and Snowballs: Winter Sensory Bin

Thanksgiving Sensory Bin

I love making new sensory bins for my almost 2 year old to play with.  Being the 4th child she gets a lot of hand me downs, so something new and just for her is something she gets excited about.  That’s not to say that my older kids don’t get in on the sensory action, … Continue reading Thanksgiving Sensory Bin