2’s School Learning Objectives

Just last week I posted about my decision to start a 2's school program with our youngest.  I can't tell you how excited I am to get the ball rolling!  She isn't 2 yet, so I have some time to think through what I want 2's school to look like.  What types of things will … Continue reading 2’s School Learning Objectives

Why I Decided to Start 2’s School

Agh!  My baby is turning 2 soon!  I can hardly believe it, 2!  Shock is the last thing I should be feeling right now, she is our 4th child after all.  I should be use to how quickly they grow up, right?  Nope, these milestones sneak up on me, 4th child or 1st, it all … Continue reading Why I Decided to Start 2’s School