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‘Making a list, and checking it twice’, I’m convinced that this song was written for parents everywhere this time of year.  There is so much to remember, did I move the elf, does everyone have the same number of gift (this is a big one in our house), did I remember all the gifts for teachers and hostesses that I’m always remembering at the last minute, when are we going to see Santa, the lists seem endless this time of year.

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One item that I try not to put off until the last minute is my kids stockings.  The joy they have going through their stockings and seeing what Santa has brought them is always a delight to see.  This is why I try to think of thoughtful items ahead of time that they will appreciate and use vs cramming them full of whatever I can find on December 23rd that I think might fit.

Today I’m sharing with you my working list for my almost 2 year old daughter’s stocking.  Stockings can be tricky, I am here to help!  I’ve even included links to help you shop and cross things off you’re list.  Easy, peezy, stockings done.

Little People vehicles – Your tot will love scooting these around the floor, table, their siblings head, you get the picture.

Designer Band-aids – Owies are sure to feel better fast when the Paw Patrol is there to help!

Small plush you know they’ll adore – Our youngest daughter doesn’t actually sit long enough to watch a show yet, however, she knows and adores Minnie Mouse, and will pause long enough to dance and shout ‘puppies’ when the Puppy Dog Pals theme song is playing on Disney Jr.  Either plush would be new favorites if she were to discover them in here stocking.

Sticker sheets – These winter sticker sheets are darling!  I can already imagine all the winter scenes my kids will make with these.

Christmas holiday ducks – How adorable are these Christmas themed ducks?  Themed ducks are a fan favorite at this house.  They are constantly being lined up, sung to, and knocked down, only to repeat the process multiple times a day.

Snacks – The tradition in our house is: wake up, open gifts, do stockings, and have breakfast.  After all that opening your littles will probably be hungry, so having something small to snack on is always a good idea if it’s going to take you some time in the kitchen to whip up Christmas breakfast.  We loves these organic fruit snacks from Yum Earth, they are delicious and free from many allergens.  Annie’s snack packs are also a popular choice.  Another great choice, fruit!  Perhaps and orange?  Do you know why we put oranges in stockings at Christmas?  Kelli over at The Kitchn gives us the background on this tradition:

New toothbrush – Our kids always get a fun toothbrush from Santa and the Easter Bunny, a tradition I’m sure their dentist appreciates.  This holiday Disney Princess 2 Pack and Cars 2 pack with Toothpaste are a great deal right now on Amazon!

Small book – I adore this mini board book set Pantone Box of Colors.  It includes 6 tiny books, one for each color.

Bath time fun –  Crayola Color Bath Dropz – Love, love, love these!  The kids are always so disappointed when we run out.  Also sure to keep little ones entertained in the tub are these Tub Crayons by Alex Toys., why not draw a picture while you get squeaky clean?

Socks – New socks in their sock?  Yes please!  My youngest and oldest will be getting these cozy socks from Santa.  They love to match, so finding something in both of their sizes that I know they’ll both adore is definitely a mom win!

Tegu Travel Pal Kitty – I love this fun magnetic travel toy for in the car, on the plane, at the doctor, where ever you need it to quietly occupy your little one for a little while.  It’s the perfect size for their stockings too.  Now to decide, the kitty, spaceship, hummingbird, tugboat, or jet plane.

Finger Puppets – These delightful velvet finger puppets will be hours of animal noises and mini performances as your tot gets older.  They are also the ideal size to add to their Christmas stocking.

Rainmaker Musical Instrument – You wont regret this musical instrument purchase.  The sound it makes when you turn it over incredibly soothing.

Fleece lined mittens – If you live somewhere cold like us and your kids loose these things are frequently as mine do, you won’t wonder how these made my list.  With multiple colors you’ll definitely be able to find the right match for your tots outerwear.

Rhinestone Princess Headband – This charming little headband will look gorgeous on your little girl.  It’s also just the right size to fold up and fill that stocking.  Looking for something a little more boyish?  I’m digging this John Deere baseball style hat.  My daughter may just ‘need’ both, ha!

There ya have it,15 ideas to fill up those stockings.  What tried and true stocking stuffers are a must at your house?

Happy shopping!


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