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In a house of readers, bookmarks always seem to be in short supply and high demand.  In a pinch, I have used everything from a napkin to a gum wrapper to mark my page.  My most recent markers being, a love note from my oldest and a Christmas card.

Create your own valentines day bookmarks with this free printable #valentines #valentinesday #coloring #freeprintable #bookmarks @notquitesupermn

As a young reader I had actual favorites, I can still picture them today.  One had a cartoon cat sitting on top of a pile of books and playing with a ball of yarn.   It said something like, I love books.  The other was magnetic and clipped onto two sides of the same page.  This one had a sketch of a wolf on it.  I used these on my most favorite books, of that particular moment, and I recall smiling fondly at the pictures when I opened whichever book they were earmarking for me.

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These festive bookmarks may or may not end up being favorites, but they are fun to make.  To make the template I used a ruler to create four 2 x 6 inch rectangles on card stock.  Next, my oldest and I grabbed our pencils and made some Valentines themed doodles on each of the rectangles.  Once we were happy with the design, we traced over the pencil marks with a black sharpie to create clear lines for coloring.  Then, we found our favorite colored sharpie pens and went to town coloring them.  When we were finished coloring each bookmark was cut out and laminated.  While bookmarks wont make my kids read more, they do make the reading process just a little more enjoyable.

Laminating is an optional step after coloring, however, it does make them just a little bit sturdier.  These could also work for a non treat handout option for school Valentine’s parties.  Just have your child cut out uncolored bookmarks and write to/from on the back and allow their valentine to do their coloring.

Create your own valentines day bookmarks with this free printable #valentines #valentinesday #coloring #freeprintable #bookmarks @notquitesupermn

Download Valentine’s version here – – > Valentines Bookmarks B&W PDF

Download blank version here – – >Bookmarks Blank B&W PDF

Supplies used:

Scotch Thermal Laminator

8.5″x11″ white card stock 


Sharpie Fine Point Set

Sharpie Ultra Fine Point Set

Yes, I have both the fine point AND the ultra fine set of sharpies, because, why not!

Create your own valentines day bookmarks with this free printable #valentines #valentinesday #coloring #freeprintable #bookmarks @notquitesupermn






10 thoughts on “DIY Valentine’s Day Bookmarks

  1. These are a really sweet and creative idea, I think it would be a lovely childrens craft idea to give to their parents on V-Day too 🙂

  2. These would be so fun for a slumber party! A nice little take away made by the kids. My daughter loves to color and in my experience you can never have to many bookmarks.

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