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Hi, and welcome!  I’m so glad that you stopped by today to visit with me at Not Quite Supermom.  I’m Nicole, wife, stay at home mom, crafter, baker and recipe maker.  I’m also ‘not quite supermom’ to 4 busy kiddos.  Our daughters are 8 and almost 2, and right in the middle we have identical twin 6 year old boys.  We also have a dog and two cats thrown in the mix.

At Not Quite Supermom you will get everyday real advice and tips from someone (me!), right there in the trenches with you during this crazy and beautiful season of being mommy to young kids.  You’ll find cute craft projects to make with your kids and for your home, recipes for meals and baked good, meal planning, pinching pennies, and best of all we’ve already established that I’m not quite supermom so you’ll get some funny mom fails from me from time to time too.

As a bonus to some, most of my recipes (not all!) are peanut and dairy free.  Trust me, you won’t miss the dairy, but if you do (and my clan that can eat dairy does from time to time) I will also share with you when would have added in some dairy.  Like in my famous Chicken and Bacon Wild Rice soup.

Why peanuts and dairy?  My oldest has a severe peanut allergy and youngest is allergic to dairy.  In addition I have been making lifestyle changes over the past several months after I finally figured out why I was getting so sick, gallstones.  If you have then or had them in the past, I’m sorry.  They are the pits!  Needless to say, I have had to get creative in the kitchen over the years.  We’ve also navigated many birthdays and family gathering with unsafe food through the years so I will also share with you some of my tips and tricks.

I’m thrilled you’re here in the trench with me!  Let’s get connected, there are some colorful links that will let you follow me on social media and also a link to sign up for my newsletter.  I promise not to spam you!  All my friends who share their email address with me will get a free preview of our families monthly meal plan every month as well as a heads up as to what’s going on over at Not Quite Supermom from time to time.  Sounds great right?

Thanks for stopping by,