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After all the creative gift ideas I’ve come up with for our family and friends I’m often left with my husbands stocking looming at me from my list, and no ideas what so ever.  It’s a well known fact at our house that Santa does not bring gifts or stuff stockings for the adults, just the kids.  Fantastic, even the kids will know it was me if I drop the ball and my husbands stocking is filled with lint and a pair of dress socks.  No pressure.

It shouldn’t be this hard!  I’ve been married to him for years, known him for even longer, I know his likes and dislikes, so why the brain fog?  I’ll tell you why, my brain gets maxed out this time of year.  With a social calendar that cannot possibly fit another event, obligations at school, kids extracurricular activities, gift purchasing and wrapping, baking, and every other items that sneaks it’s way onto my never ending ‘to-do’ list it’s no wonder my brain isn’t firing at full capacity.

The thing is, I actually like buying him gifts.  I love it when I find the perfect item that he didn’t know he wanted, and then wrap it up for his surprise on Christmas morning.  He’s like most adults and buys what he needs, so getting creative is a must.

Bound and determined that I wouldn’t be left standing at the mall a week before Christmas not knowing what store to even go into, I downloaded an app earlier this summer and started a list on my phone.  Genius things these smart phones.  Here is what I’ve come up with, I’ve included the links so you can easily add them to your Amazon cart too:

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Small flashlight – He can never have too many flashlights.  The kids are constantly swiping our flashlights, bound to be forever lost in the black hole that is their bedrooms.  Batteries are even included with this one so you won’t need to add those to your list too, score!

Amenitee Universal Angularizer Ruler – This measure tool is such a cool gadget if the guy in your life is a DIY’er or a wanna be DIY’er

Polarized Sunglasses – An extra set of polarized sunglasses are always a good idea.  These are durable and lightweight, perfect for any of those times he does’t want to wear his ‘good glasses’ for fear they might get lost or broken.  Like, when you’re boating and he accidentally forgets to take them off before jumping in the lake at least once a year.  XO, love ya honey!

Beef Jerky – Snacks!  My husband has loved all of the Krave flavors he’s tried out so this variety pack a perfect addition to his stocking.

Dress Socks – It’s a stocking after all, why not add in some new socks.  The socks I picked for him this year have a classic argyle pattern, sure to get the nod of approval from even the pickiest of guys.

Bungee Cords – These are like the flashlights at our house, always disappearing and in short supply when he needs them.  I’m fairly confident that the kids are not the culprits, but you never know.

Golf Balls – It’s no golfing weather yet, but it will be soon enough!  A gift certificate to his favorite driving range to go along with the golf balls would also fit nicely in his stocking.  Make it an indoor range and he’ll have an afternoon out no mater what the weather.

Collectors Magazines – You can often find special edition collectors magazines at your newsstands this time of year.  I’ve purchased magazines dedicated to his favorite sports team, The Beatles, WW2, Star Wars, and many others throughout the years.  They are a little more spendy than a standard issues, but very informative and something fun to flip through over the extended holiday break.

DVD’s – Depending on the size of your stockings you might be able to stuff in a DVD he’s had his eye on.  Jeff Dunham is a favorite stand up comedian of my husbands, Guardian’s of the Galaxy 2, or Stranger Things could also be excellent selections, depending on his likes/dislikes.

Ice fishing jigs – Because we live in Minnesota, and there’s not a lot to do in the winter 😉

Tickets to something – This is a bigger ticket item, but a fun surprise when he finds it in his stocking.  A sporting event, show, or a gift certificate to do something (brew beer/wine at a brewery, golfing, drive a race car, etc.).

The Great Grill Scraper – I’m sure you’ve heard the same stories that I have about the wire brush scrapers, that’s enough to sell me on this gadget!

Rapid Charge Cell Phone Charger – An extra charger for travel or at the office.

Great Smelling Soaps – Who doesn’t like to smell good?  Or to hang out with someone that smells good?!  Plus, the perfect size to fit into that stocking hanging empty on your mantel.  Is that stocking getting full yet?

Magnetic Wristband – This wristband will hang onto screws, nails, bolts, etc while he his working.  Does it make anyone else cringe when they see people climbing ladders with screws and nails in their mouth?  Yes?  Then this would be perfect for that person!

There ya have it.  My shopping list for my hubby’s stocking this year.  What am I missing?  I’d love to hear your favorite stocking stuffers.  Happy shopping everyone!


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